Clubs and Teams

The range of sports and activities organised via the school changes each year, so its always worth checking with the office if any recent changes have happened.

Children may be interested in joining the following:

Music Lessons / School Band

School Football

  • Run by parents for P3-P7 girls and boys. Coaching takes place in the evening, with games on a Saturday morning against other local school teams.


  • Run by parents for P6 and P7 girls; lessons take place at lunchtime.


  • Lessons provided by Cults Tennis Club during lunchtimes (P2-P7)


  • The range of languages available changes each year, depending on commercial viability. Lessons are available at lunchtime for P1-P7 pupils.

 Fridays from 4:30pm to 5:30pm in the Dining Hall.

Cults Cheetahs Running Club  Runs on a Friday morning before school in the playing field across from the Nursery entrance.

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