Parent Council

The Parent Council (PC) is a statutory body that represents the parents of Cults Primary School and Nursery. Aberdeen City Council is required to engage the PC in educational matters (e.g. city-wide curriculum planning, interviews for senior school staff). Current PC activities include:

  • Development of a new school website
  • Re-launch of School Library
  • Re-launch of Eco-Council (i.e. promoting recycling)
  • Improving safe access to school (inc. addressing perimeter road conditions and providing safe road crossings at Ballieswells Rd & Kirkbrae)

The PC is made up of a maximum of 20 members and the Head Teacher, but any parent can attend the monthly meetings. The PC receives a small financial contribution from Aberdeen City Council each year, but doesn’t generate funds in its own right. The Parent Council can be contacted by emailing or by leaving a note at the school office. If you are looking for more information regarding the role of parent councils, or relating to the curriculum followed in the school, please refer to the National Parent Forum website: