Emergency Closures

Parents will be asked to provide the school with the address of a neighbour, relative or friend to whom the child could go, or be taken, in the event of illness or emergency when parents/carers are not available.  This nominated person must sign the admission form to give formal consent.

Parents will also be asked to supply the name, address and telephone number of their local GP who could be contacted in the event of an emergency where the school was unable to make parental contact. If we cannot contact you and there is a medical emergency, a member of the SLT will assume the role of the parent and ensure that appropriate medical attention is provided.

Please assist the school by ensuring that contact details, which should be completed each year, are kept up to date as children can become very distressed when we are not able to contact you.

Normally parents/carers will be given advance notification of any change in school hours but there may be occasions when this is impossible e.g. power failure or extreme weather conditions.

In the event of such unforeseen circumstances parents/carers should listen to NORTHSOUND RADIO for updated information or call the SCHOOLS INFORMATION LINE on 0870 054 1999 using the PIN Code 011280 for more details.

We make use of Groupcall which sends a text message directly to all registered parents.  Please note that only one number can be recorded per family and it is crucial that contact numbers are kept up to date.

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