Class teachers continually evaluate their teaching and assess each pupil‘s work to ensure that they are coping and making the progress expected.  Progress is tracked three times a year so that we can measure the impact of approaches being taken.  The class teacher is responsible for keeping progress records to provide a profile of the child‘s progress.

Informal and formal assessment procedures are used throughout the school and are planned for under the categories Say, Write, Make and Do in that staff look for evidence of what a child can say, write, make or do to illustrate their knowledge, understanding and skills.

Over recent years we have developed the use of Assessment is for Learning and Formative Assessment strategies in school. This approach focuses on setting clear learning intentions and success criteria, giving pupils quality feedback on their  work and involving pupils in evaluating their own work and that of their peers. Research has shown that this approach involves pupils much more effectively in their own learning.

A school report is issued for each pupil during the school year. This report gives parents/carers specific information relating to levels of attainment/achievement in curricular areas as outlined in the national guidelines. This report is based on the ongoing assessment procedures that are presently being utilised within the school.

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