We strongly encourage the wearing of school uniform, which is both comfortable and practical.  Pupils are expected to wear school uniform in the school colours of green (sweatshirt) and grey or black (skirt/trousers).   Polo shirts, sweatshirts, fleeces and jackets are available from the school office.

For PE pupils require a T shirt, shorts and gym shoes.  Gym shoes must be kept for indoor use.  In the interest of safety no jewellery should be worn in the gym.  Please note that where jewellery cannot be removed this must be taped over.  Tape for this purpose should be brought to school.

A Clothing Grant is available to families in need and further details and application forms can be supplied via the school and area offices. More information can be found on the Aberdeen City Council website.

You are asked to ensure that your child is suitably dressed according to the time of year and weather. The temperature in school is very comfortable but your child should have a suitable jacket for wearing in wet and cold weather.

Our Primary 7 pupils wear black sweatshirts. These can be ordered/ purchased in the usual way through the school office.