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With over 600 pupils in school uniform it is essential that all items of clothing are labelled with the child’s initial and surname as a minimum. Stick on labels are best as they don’t degrade in the wash and always remain legible. Special pens can be bought for labelling clothing but felt tip pens on clothing labels do not work well. The ink smudges and becomes impossible to read.

These frequently asked questions below should answer any queries you have with regard to lost property and how to get it back.

My child has lost some of his/her uniform. What should I do?

Within the school we have a system for dealing with lost property. So if you believe you are missing something this is the track you should follow:

  1.  In each GP area there is a tub where lost itmes are collected.  Check this first. It is worth checking the tubs in all the GP’s because if an item is found in the playground it could be deposited into any of these tubs, not necessarily the one in your child’s unit.

Hopefully at this point you will have found your lost item. If it is clearly labelled it will often get passed on by the children after playtime or via the teachers. It is worth trying to find your lost item a few times as it may take a little time to make its way into the lost property tubs.

I didn’t realise my child has lost his/her sweatshirt but it is labelled. Will it come back to me?

All labelled items will be returned to the owner. Items that remain in the lost property unclaimed are sorted about every 4 to 6 weeks by a team of volunteers. The procedure is as follows:

  1. The tubs from each unit are collected.
  2. The items are sorted into two piles, labelled and unlabelled.
  3. The volunteers have a current list of school children, sorted by surname only. This is used to identify which class includes the owner of the labelled item. Items that are clearly marked are returned to the owner that day.

In this way all labelled items of clothing both indoor and outdoor, shoes, lunch boxes, water bottles, music books, etc. will be returned to their owner.

My child wore an unlabelled sweatshirt to school today. What will happen to it?

The system for dealing with unlabelled items is as follow:

  1. Clothing items are stored then displayed on Parents Evenings & Open Days  – lunch boxes and water bottles are disposed of.


Each year £1000’s worth of clothing, shoes, glasses etc. are disposed of at our school. 

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