Walking Bus

As part of the Parent Council travel team, a group of parents have set up a Walking Bus to help reduce traffic and air pollution around our school. There are currently two active walking bus routes and if there is sufficient interest, a further three may be established. All details and the sign up form for the walking bus can be found at: https://www.cultsprimarywalkingbus.uk/


It is an organised, volunteer run service which involves a group of children walking to school on a predetermined route, escorted by at least two adults. More volunteers are added for larger groups.


You sign your child(ren) up to a bus route on the days of your choice. A responsible adult brings the child(ren) to the start of the walking bus or to a designated stop on the route. The children are signed in and provided with a hi-vis vest and name tag to wear. The walking bus travels along a set route, collecting children at designated stops at times listed on a timetable. The children are escorted into the school grounds, the hi-vis vest and name tags are returned, and the children make their own way to their class line. All routes have been risk assessed.


The walking buses currently operates every school day. We are very grateful for any volunteers; please email the walking bus if you are available to help with walking or admin. If you are not able to volunteer you can still sign your child up and we really encourage you to do so.


Children will arrive at school awake and alert for the day ahead. The walking bus helps reduce congestion and pollution around our school too. It allows parents /carers of those children participating in the scheme to leave earlier for their morning commitments. It alleviates your stress by being able to drop the kids away from the congestion and not get caught up in the traffic around the school! The Hillview Terrace park and stride route is ideal for this.

Please click on the link below for all Walking Bus information.